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Friday, June 21, 2019

VERIFONE VX520 Terminals (IP and DIAL UP) VMAC IssueDue to a VMAC CommServer/Certificate issue with the Verifone VX520 terminals, IF YOU HAVE NOT SPOKEN TO SOMEONE FROM OMEGA PROCESSING ON OR AFTER JUNE 3rd, 2019, TO DO THE PARTIAL DOWNLOAD NEEDED TO FIX THIS ISSUE, go to the appropriate link below (Either IP or DIAL UP, depending on how your terminal gets it’s communication connection), and follow the step by step instructions to update your terminal immediately! 

These updates are quick, it should only take 5 minutes or less per terminal to get updated.  

Your Terminal(s) MUST HAVE this PARTIAL download patch done BEFORE JUNE 25th to ensure they will remain working.   

If you run in to any problems, and are not able to successfully complete the VMAC Patch Download, please call OMEGA Customer Support at 1-866-888-9724, Ext 7 and as soon as a CS Rep is available, we will assist you in getting it completed.

Download these instructions for IP terminals

Download these instructions for Dial-Up terminals 


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