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Turning a Tablet Into a Top Sales and Operational Asset
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

You wouldn’t buy something without gathering some information. So why sell something without capturing data about the sale? By not doing so, it’s difficult to gain an accurate understanding of your business, its successes and its potential areas for improvement.

Today’s tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) systems provide you with a scalable tool that can take your business to a new level at a much lower cost than traditional, legacy POS systems. They are simple to use and manage, and the cloud-based app means they are portable. Plus, they process transactions safely and securely using the latest EMV and contactless payments technology.

While the systems and their features vary, here’s a brief overview of tablet-based POS technology.


Today’s cutting-edge tablet-based POS systems typically consist of an online payment app and a tablet device. Stands, cash drawers, printers and other peripherals are also available. Sales data is kept in the “cloud” so that it easily accessible from any device. In addition, some systems store sales information locally on the tablet device.


Launching a tablet-based POS system requires a significantly smaller upfront investment than a traditional POS. In addition, the design lends itself Ito increased flexibility for system design and integration into both current and future technology.

Tablet POS systems give owners the ability to manage their business on the go and lend themselves to improved technical service and troubleshooting capabilities. They typically include labor and inventory management tools to streamline business operations. Finally, pay-at-the-table, EMV capabilities and other features provide consumers with an increased sense of safety and security.


Every business has different needs. That’s why OMEGA offers a varied line of tablet POS systems to our merchants. Below is a brief look at each system’s features and advantages.

Lavu – A full-featured POS system, Lavu was the first iPad POS system in the App store. Designed exclusively for restaurants and bars, Lavu features a simple interface, a powerful reporting and management suite and real-time sales and labor reporting. In addition, there is a restaurant layout customization feature and kitchen display system. The system offers multi-location reporting, tab preauthorization and check-splitting. A gift card and loyalty program is available for an additional fee.

Paradise Point-of-Sale Systems – With both retail and restaurant options, Paradise offers a complete, wireless iPad point-of-sale system. Data is always accessible with Paradise’s local + cloud data access. Inventory and labor management tools are included, and the systems are customizable for your environment. Additional features include gift cards (separate cost), split checks, pay-at-the-table, tip adjust and customer tracking.

Redfin Point-of-Sale Systems — Custom-designed “vendor-neutral” restaurant POS solutions that can be customized to your business. From fine dining to quick service, RedFin’s versatile menu management, inventory and labor management tools, pay-at-the-table capabilities and intuitive order entry features result in a custom-designed solution with multiple support options.

Ready to learn more about tablet-based, scalable point-of-sale system solutions from OMEGA Processing? Contact us for a business needs analysis and system demo.

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