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Thanksgiving Fun Facts
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving Facts  ·  The first Thanksgiving only had five women present out of the nearly 150 Pilgrims and Indians. The feast lasted three full days!

· Thanksgiving was almost a fast—not a feast due to the early settlers’ tradition on giving thanks. Luckily, the Wampanoag Indians joined and turned their fast into a three-day feast.

· Forks were absent from the first Thanksgiving, leaving them to eat their meal with just spoons, knives and their bare hands. Give that a try this year!

·“Mary Had a Little Lamb” author Sarah Josepha Hale spent 17 years writing letters for Thanksgiving to become a national holiday. Abraham Lincoln finally listened and declared the holiday in 1863.

·The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have hosted games each year since the NFL started the Thanksgiving Classic games in 1920. 

·Macy’s Thanksgiving’s Day Parade began in 1924 to signify the launch of the Christmas shopping season. However, it is not the oldest Thanksgiving day parade, with the Gimbels department store starting one four years earlier. Today, the annual parade is attended by some 3 million people and viewed by another 44 million.

·TV dinners were born in 1953 when someone at Swanson misjudged the number of frozen turkeys it was sell for Thanksgiving—BY 26 TONS! Instead of wasting it, the meat was sliced and put with sides to be packaged and sold.

·The U.S. President pardons a turkey each year, sparing it from being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.

·Turkey isn’t responsible for your dreaded ‘food coma.’ Scientists say it’s the extra glass of wine, high-calorie meal or relaxing after a busy work schedule that makes you drowsy!

·“You can tell you ate too much at Thanksgiving when you have to let your bath robe out.”—Jay Leno



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