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OMEGA Processing Solutions Celebrates 15 Years!
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

OMEGA Processing Solutions Celebrates 15 Years!

OMEGA Processing Solutions was started in 2003 by co-owners Scott Anderson and Todd McHugh. Prior to starting OMEGA, both owners had worked in the credit card processing industry where they saw, and still see today, a niche that is being underserved in multiple markets.

The payments processing industry is consistently characterized by either very large or very small providers. The giants are production shops, catering to the masses, leaving the little guys with a lack of personalized customer care and unfair terms. Conversely, the small providers may bring a more personalized touch, but don’t have the backing to offer competitive pricing, nor the control to commit to a consistent level of service. The realization of such opposing industry standards led to the conception of OMEGA Processing Solutions.

OMEGA serves businesses of all sizes across multiple markets. OMEGA is dedicated to remaining small enough to provide every merchant with customized service, but large enough to deliver the complete customer experience at highly competitive prices. The notion of a complete customer experience is one of the main reasons they chose the name OMEGA. Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. “We strongly believe that once your business partners with OMEGA, we will be the last credit card processor you will choose,” explains CEO Todd McHugh.

Since the start of the business, OMEGA has grown from 0 merchants, 3 employees and $0 in processing volume to over 5,000 merchants in 40 states, 40 employees and over $2.1 billion in processing volume. The leadership team gives their credit for their success to their customer centric approach that puts customers, partners and employees first.

Their slogan “Building Prosperity, One Life at a Time” is another element they take into consideration when making business decisions. When asked what the slogan means to him, McHugh replied,

“It’s a very personal statement that can take on a very wide variety of meanings. The word prosperity could be financial gain to one person or a new partnership to another. It can mean a new and rewarding job or helping a child in need. One life at a time could mean an employee, a customer, a partner, or any other constituent. So, when we talk about building prosperity one life at a time, it is a guide that we use to determine how we interact and behave with every individual with whom we come in contact.”

OMEGA is a proud member of the communities in which they operate and live. They believe that at the end of the day business and personal development are inextricably linked. When they help the communities that they serve, they help the very people who own businesses, purchase goods and services, and employees who work in those same communities.

This year OMEGA is celebrating their 15th year in business. When starting the company back in 2003 Anderson and McHugh believed they would build a sustainable, enduring enterprise that was built on a solid business plan, a foundation of hard work, great employees, and a customer first approach. “It’s certainly rewarding to see the business come to fruition,” McHugh said, “and we do pinch ourselves each day thinking about where we started and where we are today.”


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"I wanted to tell you what amazing sales and support team you have. I worked with Dennis and Becca and they are amazing! We really appreciate the service and follow up service we receive from both of them. As small business owners that personal touch means a lot. Again thank you for your team's great customer service before and after the sale."

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