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OMEGA Processing Solutions

Point of Sale Systems

These aren’t your father’s cash registers. Today’s point-of-sale (POS) systems are an affordable, scalable tool that allow you to effectively manage inventory, reporting, employees and operations.

OMEGA Processing offers their industry-leading POS system, Centauri, for restaurant environments. Centauri POS consist of hardware (often a tablet device), POS software and a payment gateway application. Peripheral items, including cash drawers, printers and stands are also available.

Sales data is kept in the “cloud” so that it’s easily accessible from any device. In addition, some POS systems also store sales information locally on the hardware device. Visit to learn about our cutting edge POS technology.

Already using a POS system? OMEGA can integrate our credit card processing with many of today’s leading systems.

Ready to explore taking your business to the next level? Contact us for your customized account analysis and product demonstration.
Omega Processing Solutions, POS, Funding, Processing, Rewards
Omega Processing Solutions, POS, Funding, Processing, Rewards

Business Types

Commercial Equipment Suppliers
Industrial Suppliers
Construction Material Suppliers
Electrical Parts Suppliers
HVAC Service Providers
AC Refrigeration Service & Repair
Hardware Equipment And Sales
Veterinary Practices
Childcare & Daycare Facilities