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OMEGA Processing Solutions

Payment and Data Deliver Solutions, Serving Lexington Kentucky

“What sets OMEGA Processing apart from other providers is SERVICE, SERVICE and SERVICE! I would absolutely recommend OMEGA to anyone. We have saved quite a bit of money and had the very best service possible."

- Perfect Game USA

OMEGA Processing Lexington, KY offers sturdy payment and data deliver solutions with special considerations towards quality and customer service.

We offer state of the art solutions that range over a wide variety of platforms that include physical and digital businesses.
  • Credit Card Processing – Ability to support robust and secure payments from all major credit and debit card providers.
  • Point of Sale Systems – Effectively reduce customer hassles by eliminating the need to carry cash at all times
  • B2B & E-Commerce Solutions – Ease of access and freedom for online and business customers in processing financial transactions
  • Business Funding – Varying degrees of financial support with easy repayment plans for entities to be able to implement expansion or development plans that were previously on hold
  • Gift & Loyalty Programs – Making customers feel loved by providing them rewards for purchases they make
  • Mobile Payments – With mobile wallets expected to surpass the use of both credit and debit cards by 2020 this is an investment you can’t forego. 
With a wide range of satisfied customers over an equally wider range of industries, OMEGA Processing ensures that merchants are never on the losing end of business operations.

Request a quote from us today or contact us in order to begin a journey of seamless financial processing coupled with extraordinary customer care.
Credit Card Processing, Omega


"OMEGA Processing's quick response and focus on service and cost effectiveness is outstanding. I would recommend OMEGA to any of my colleagues with a dental or medical practice."

John Strief, D.D.S.


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OMEGA Technology is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, NY
OMEGA Technology is a registered ISO/MSP of Woodforest National Bank, Houston, Texas