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OMEGA Processing Solutions

Mobile Payment Solutions

Never miss a sales opportunity with OMEGA Processing's mobile payment app and reader options.

Every business is different, and OMEGA has different mobile payment options to suit various operational needs.


Chip-card enabled mobile payment solution using the free SwipeSimple app for iOS and Android devices. Blue tooth reader option available.

Mobile Swipe App and Reader

Mobile swipe reader using the free iProcess app for iOS and Android devices. Use in conjunction with our powerful virtual terminal service or go mobile-only. The choice is up to you. Can be used with our without our virtual terminal service.

Retail Card Reader

This card reader is perfect for card-present transactions when using our virtual terminal service.
Service and Support

Service and Support

Service and Support

Business Types

Commercial Equipment Suppliers
Industrial Suppliers
Construction Material Suppliers
Electrical Parts Suppliers
HVAC Service Providers
AC Refrigeration Service & Repair
Hardware Equipment And Sales
Veterinary Practices
Childcare & Daycare Facilities
Nursing Care Facilities