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OMEGA Processing Solutions

Electronic Payment Solutions, Serving Des Moines, Iowa

For premium financial solutions in Des Moines IA, OMEGA Processing is a name that is synonymous with innovative products and an utmost attention to customer care.

Since 2013, OMEGA has been providing payment and data delivery solutions to businesses with unsurpassed value and unmatched support.

OMEGA caters and delivers solutions that allow organizations to develop and exceed customer expectations considerably. We offer a range of products that range from digital to traditional platforms:
  • Credit Card Processing – Fast, effective and secure payment solutions with support for all major credit cards, allowing hassle free payments anywhere.
  • Point of Sale Systems – Allowing cost efficiency and time saving execution of payments for consumers so that businesses are able to build loyalty and revenues simultaneously.
  • B2B & E-Commerce Solutions – Predicted to phase out traditional retail stores, E-commerce data and financial solutions enable businesses today to be accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Business Funding – Streamline business operations or cater to expansions and renovations effortlessly with funds that have simple repayment terms.
  • Gift & Loyalty Programs – Business is about building an emotional connection with consumers and reward programs retain clients for longer periods of time.
  • Mobile Payments – The 21st century consumer loves nothing better than having the world on his fingertips including safe and effective support for multiple mobile based payment methods.
With state of the art and innovative technologies and services, OMEGA allows you to extend your reach and capabilities in order to tap and enhance consumer lives at an extensive level.

Request a free quote or get in touch with our team to expand the potential and flexibility of your business operations.
Credit Card Processing, Omega

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Commercial Equipment Suppliers
Industrial Suppliers
Construction Material Suppliers
Electrical Parts Suppliers
HVAC Service Providers
AC Refrigeration Service & Repair
Hardware Equipment And Sales
Veterinary Practices
Childcare & Daycare Facilities

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OMEGA Processing Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, NY
OMEGA Processing Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of Woodforest National Bank, Houston, Texas